Why Am I Cheating On My Husband – Please Help

Why Am I Cheating On My Husband

Dear CI,

Why i cheated on my boyfriendI have been married for some years now with four children and i was a very faithful wife until a few months ago when i discovered that my husband was having an affair with a close family friend.

He had cheated on me many times in the past but this particular affair was the last straw. I decided to pay him back.
It was supposed to be just one time, but the affair has been going on for a few months now.

My husband has started noticing my constant absence from our home and my distance from the marriage. I have also become very good at lying about my whereabouts.

The issue right now is that despite the fact that i love my husband, i feel no guilt whatsoever. I have never made to stop the affair. Please Christians Inspirational. does this make me a bad person? Is there any woman out there who can help me make sense of this? I didn’t know i was a woman capable of this. Why don’t i feel guilt or care that i am betraying my husband?

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9 Comments on “Why Am I Cheating On My Husband – Please Help

  • Cheating on your husband just to pay him back won’t solve the problem. Am a lady n i know how it feels when ur man cheats on you. I’d avise u call it off with your boyfriend n i believe that with God all things are possible. Just keep praying for your husband.

  • Mydear in as much as I v 2 believe hw painful it might be at d sametime I v 2tell u d truest dat u Ar nt doing d right tin by d way u ar going about it, I dt tink dat u ar paying him back but tink dat u ar committing sin of adultery against our father in heaven and also nt being a good mother 2 ur children. Pls I advice u 2go on ur knees & talk 2 God in prayers and quit dat relationship wit ur Boyfriend thank u. CAst ur york on me all u dat ar heavy loaded and I will make it lighter

    • Well well well, I myself, (i’m a man with a wife), and wish to address the men who pavese and cover the truth, i mean the men who sees white and call it black, you are the one who needs to go on your kneels and ask God to forgive you all for covering the truth, because you and i knew that the couple, man and wife are guilty of the same offence, what makes you men think its ok for the man to cheat at all, if that’s what you men thinks, it is so so wrong. so why pasecute only the woman and justifies the man’s action, that is so so wrong aswell, because when God said that the israelites you my bride God did not say jeruselem, egypt and syria even gentile are his girlfriends or concubine, it was the israelite who betrayed God by playing the halot with other gods, and they were punished for that befor they repented, let the man change and ask God to forgive him and also ask his wife to forgive him aswell, the wife should ask God and her husband to forgive her aswell, i know is not easy, but it takes the grace of God and humility to do this, and i pray that God in His infinite mercy will grant them the grace and strenght they need to do this in Jesus Christ name i pray, Amen.

  • well i am single. I know How It Pains when a girl or boy friend saw or found out that the girl or boy is in relationship with another person talk-more of husband and wife. Bible says ” FOR WHO EVER THAT IS BIND TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER”. The man did wrong by leaving his Blessed Wife and seak for An outsider. I will advice the Young Lady to and talk to God about the issues i hope the man will come back to sense even if it is the hand work of charm.

  • Dearie,go and sin no more,retrace ur steps,stand in d gap of prayers for ur hubby,sure GOD wd intervene.
    Understood hw hurtful it is that ur husband is cheating on u but dont pay him back in d same coin,it cd be more dangerous for u guys- NO UNRIGHTEOUS ACT IS JUSTIFIABLE.

  • I quite understand and feel your odean with you at the moment but what you should look at and really understand is that despite the fact that you married to man does not mean you should offend yourself and your God. We’re all going to be judged according to our deeds individuall on the last day,ur sins are yours and you husband’s his. Pray to God for the forgiveness of yourself and also for your husband and most epecially for His mercies and intervention in your home. It shall be well with your soul,we would all reap the fruith of our labours and like the saying goes,THE EVIL THAT MEN DOES LIVES WITH THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My dear, cheating on ur husband is never the solution. Fine he has done u wrong to have gone out but i want u to sincerely ask urself some specific questions
    1- Have i in anyway changed in attitude in my home?
    2- Do i still hold onto to those things that attracted my husband to me? This is becouse there re some women who dont care about how they look after marriage.
    3- Have i in anyway try to measure with him either physically or otherwise.
    If u have given answer to all these questions and u know u re free, then know that every man deserve love no mater how bad he may be. The best way to hit the man down is ur love and care. This goes with prayer.
    Belong is the story of a woman who had a man dt sleeps with everythin he sees. To the point dt the man dont even come home on time and even if he does, he does nt give the woman time. Her frnds keeps calling her that they saw her husband in so and so bar with so and so girl.
    But do u knw that upon all these the woman never asked the man about what she was hearing instead, she kept on praying and loving the man.
    One day, she saw her husband car packed somewhere around a Bar. She decided to stop and say hi to the man. On getting there she saw the man with another woman and his frnds drinking. But do u know what she did? She greeted the husband, his frnds and the young lady dt was with her husband and told them that she just stoped to say hi.
    Do u know that that was how God used the frnds and woman the man carried to settle that home bc after the woman left, they all acused the man of not been fair to his wife.
    Frnd, God is all u need and him alone can settle ur home.

  • Pls vegance is of God n not urs My dear: i knw hw it hurt bt then u’ve done wrong by paying evil 4 evil. Am married also, try n 4giv urself n do not do dat agn 4 u re hurtin urself n ur marriage in d name of mking urself happi or mayb hurtin ur husband bk. Plz be dt faithful woman u used 2 be show ur husband love agn, cal him, sit him down n mk him undastand dt he loved u b4 he married u. Mariage is 4 better 4 worst my dear so plz go bk home n amend ur marriage. The scipture says prayer is d key n it also say dt u take away hard n difficult things aways tro prayers n fasting. Do dis n c if God will not do it 4 u. He is a God of all impossibilities, he made them possible hold unto God 4 he wil surely do it 4 u. Tel God 2 4gv u n ur husband, a family dt stays 2gether prays 2gether. My prayer is dt God shld 4gv u n ur husband shower his love on u both n mk u both 2 realise ur mstakes n comebk home as one family 2 love, 2 hold n 2 cherish one another agn. These i ask tro christ our Lord……… Amen.


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