A Must Read True Story By Prophet TB Joshua


Must Read Unbelivable*

A 12yr girl was brought to me for prayers in church, As the deliverance became hot she started confessing that she has padlocked the Glory of everybody in their house & their family, when i asked her where the padlock was so that i can open it, to my greatest surprise she cough & the padlock jumped out of her mouth, then i ask if that was all, to my amazement she said that she still has about 6 more padlock in her stomach, to the Glory of God She vomited all the 6 padlocks & she, her families & household were all set free.

My Prayer for You Today and Always By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Today all the ladies in the family are married & the men are flourishing. I decree if u can humble yourself to do the following as obedient Children of God.
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Every demonic Padlock that has been use to lock up all the good things in your life is Broken & destroy in Jesus name AMEN!!!

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